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xD Virtual Builder: The Comprehensive Project Manager

  D-studio xD Virtual Builder is first of all a powerful time-based 4D/5D/xD visualization solution.
Build around a SQL database it operates in C/S or stand-alone mode. All relevant data ĖCAD, schedule, cost, Ö- is linked to xD Objects and dynamically synchronised with the original datasources, which facilitates continuous update.

Multiple complex functions analyse and manage the project-model. Whereas reports and other output is generated automatically. xD Project models can easily be shared on the Internet.

Itís open and generative architecture opens up an endless scope of possible applications within the field of Building and Project Information models. Itís modular approach and intuitive user-interface serves every userís need: whether it concerns planner, manager or client.

And perhaps most important of all, the solution is based on real projects and real userís needs.
  Using the xD Virtual Builder  
  - you can coordinate the works: the different phases and teams are faultlessly tuned together.

- you can efficiently communicate with all building partners:
a well-organised and readable visualisation increases transparency.

- you can anticipate problems and conflicts:
prevention is better than cure.

- you can quickly react to unexpected circumstances
: project planning is effortlessly adapted.

- you can balance the pros and cons of different project scenarios: you take the optimal decisions.

- you can visualise the entire scope of the project: you can take into consideration possible consequences for the environment, people, traffic,...

- you create PowerPoint presentations / movies / image sets that are easily adapted: you always keep an overview.

- you decide effectively, increase productivity of all staff members and reduce the costs of every building project.
  3 Modules: xD Builder - xD Viewer - xD Browser  
  Currently the xD Virtual Builder consists out of 3 modules:
The xD Builder, in which the xD Project is constructed, the xD Viewer, which visualizes the xD Project and functions as a forum for all parties involved and as a quick analyzation and decision making tool and the xD Browser which opens the xD Project to all participants over the internet or local network.
  xD Builder  

o the PLANNER’s toolbox
o create xD Projects.
o dynamic links with data sources
o project model stored in relational database
o analysis and conflict studies
o time-space-navigation
o filtering
o document-production and reporting
o publish and share information
o 2D and 3D graphs
o loop back towards  AutoCAD
o customisation by scripting language
o ...
Click here for more information on the xD Builder

  xD Viewer  
  o the MANAGERís toolbox
o view xD Project.
o project model in XML file.
o analysis and conflict studies.
o time-space-navigation.
o document-production and reporting.
o filtering.
o publish and share information.
o ...
Click here for more information on the xD Viewer
  xD Browser  
  o for ALL
o share xD model on Intranet/Internet.
o project model in XML file.
o time-space-navigation.
o select viewpoints.
o simple user-interface.
o ready for embedding in corporate website.
o ...
Click here for more information on the xD Browser
  Field of application & Target group  
  The xD Virtual Builderis developed especially for all partners in the building process who are concerned about quality,budget and planning of a project:the project manager,the property developer,investor,politician,safety coordinator or site manager,...,xD Virtual Builder is to everyone 's benefit.  
  Architectural Development
New projects, renovation, demolishing or a combination...
The xD Virtual Builder is the ideal software to track and evaluate the project resulting in the most efficient and interactive processflow.
  Urban Development
The tangle of factors of an urban development project is easily disentangled with the xD Virtual Builder.
Communication with all parties involved (goverment, neighbourhood, contracters,...) becomes interactive, fast and clear and results in a better comprehension by all partners in the project.
  Infrastructure projects
Provide a continious traffic or an efficient deviation of trains, busses, passengers, persons, cars and other vehicules during infrastructural works is made easy with the xD Virtual Builder.
Check and compare all possible scenario's with all parties involved.
  Other fields of usage
There are numerous fields and examples in which the xD Virtual Builder can be used: Movement management, terrain works and subterrain constructions,...
For all these fields the xD Virtual Builder can be the most efficient way to schedule, evaluate, track and communicate the project process.
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