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  What is 4D?  
  CAD 3D + Planning (time)= 4D  
  Construction Projects demand scheduling. Budgets and completion deadline must be respected, multiple teams work at different times and places on the same project and this creates a tangle of factors causing critical moments in every single construction project.
All these possible and real problem situations must be taken into consideration from the beginning, and their consequences need to be assessed correctly.

Besides scheduling problems other major problems arrise at the start and during the construction proces which can not be forseen, tracked or resolved with only a good scheduling:
  • Traffic flows: How is pedestrian, cars, train, subway, bus... traffic deviated during the whole construction process?
  • Logistical flows: When and where are supplies needed, is the supplie chain not obstructed by other construction objects during any phase of the construction project? Are logistic elements placed, moved or removed on time? Are the logistic elements on the right place on the right time?
  • Construction flows: Is the construction sequence logical defined, what are the consequences on the construction sequence if a sudden part is not completed in time? How does this influence all other 2D and 3D construction elements? Several construction elements can obstruct one another (collisions in space).
  • ...
  These collisions in space and time often seriously slow down the whole construction process leading to major time loss and the budget getting out of hand.
Tracking these possible problems at the very start of the project and keeping every consequence in mind is the best way to answer these construction-questions and building-problems during the whole construction process.
4D combines the CAD 3D and the planning into a comprehensive model of the project.
Each graphical object is linked to it's representive scheduling task. The graphical information and the scheduling information are linked togheter.
Depending on the scheduling the graphical objects has another representation (visible-invisible, color,...) on a certain date.

Basically, 4D provides a visual platform for project stakeholders of a construction simulation and/or to explore different design and construction alternatives that would be affected by all 4 dimensions.
  What is xD?  
  4D + Other Project Data= xD  
  The next logical step after 4D is named xD (x-dimension).
Besides time and 3D a lot of other aspects in a construction project influence the scheduling or the decision making.
Eg. Cash flows, available parking spaces, traffic conditions and requirements (amount of cars/hour), temporary deviations and buildings,.... A project is not only schedules and construction.

Each aspect can be linked to it's relevant graphical object and it's relevant scheduling task.

xD links almost all possible project related elements into one complete and dynamic xD Project.
Besides the construction scheduling, xD offers a view on available parking lots during the project, the cash flow during the project, the location of certain facilities during the project, the availibility of certain zones/areas during the project, the function of certain rooms/buildings during the project and so on.

  xD Virtual Builder is the engine behind this comprehensive, dynamic xD Projects
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