We have been working intensively at D-studio to incorporate several project-experiences and insights into a new release of our 4D Suite. We simply can't wait to present you a first short sneak-preview. From january on, we will inform you on a regular and more technical base.

But first of all, we wish you all the best for the year to come.

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4D Suite - Release 5 - sneak preview

4D ControlCenter

2D thematische visualisatie in AutoCAD

Objects - categorie


space planning: Stacking-Blocking

xsl Reporting


4D Suite release 5 ( 4D Architect ) will be available in the first Quarter 2006. It will be a full xD solution: expanded dimensions, functional enhancements, improved datastructure and a new modularity.

A few highlights... - have a quick look at this movie -

Full integration of the 4D Builder-Viewer-Browser into a central control unit.

Highly enhanced and simplified user-interface, build around the central control center

Drag-and-drop system to make linking easier.

Multi-dimensional object-oriented datastructure, easily adaptable by the end-user

Full life-cycle management of building and logistic elements, including sequential object status management

xD visualisations projected in the 4D Viewer, the CAD datasource (like f.i. AutoCAD, ... ) or the 4D Browser, ... and this according to user's choice

Thematic 2D or 3D maps based on parameters like project schedule, building costs, riscs, availability, ...

An interactive datagrid simplifies filtering, grouping, objectcategories

Linking with an unlimited set of datasources, x-ref files

Macro-language to integrate our solutions in your environment.

XSL reporting tool

... and much more to come

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4D Suite - Historic Visualisation  

4D Visualisation doesn't always have to be abstract and technical. In autumn, we have developed, in collaboration with our partner Amplify, a historical visualisation of the Abbey of Grimbergen (B, near Brussels) during and after the french revolution. (1780). Visit the project space ( in Dutch )

... or view our other projects.

For more information: info@domos.be or visit our website: http://www.dstudio.be  
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