4D Development - Movement Scheduling
Viecuri Movement

Use the 4D Suite to organize and coordinate large scale movements and space planning projects. This a new field of application D-studio is working on.

Movement processes are complex time-space based challenges in which the 4D concept can come to aid.

The Viecuri hospital in Venlo (Netherlands) applied D-studio's 4D Browser technology to share the complete process of movements and transformations. All employees, visitors and the construction team can now see, track and analyze all movement changes in the hospital during the complete project.
D-studio developed a specific 4D Browser (web based) for this project founded on the basic 4D Model. A new step in the 4D development chain.

In collaboration with a specialized space management office we are enhancing our Builder to automatically generate blocking and stacking diagrams based on available data like department, floor, surface,… and of course time. An excellent tool for analyzing several movement scenario’s in space and time from the very start of the project.

More information can be obtained by sending an email.
4D Development - xD Management
Color mapping

Excel Pie Chart
At the Dimension-studio, we are already working towards a fully xD environment, the next logical step.

Imagine you want to make a master re-organization study for a a large building. It would then of course be of major help to actually link your Excel sheets to room assets in CAD drawing, ... to scheduling tasks ... to budget forms ... etc.

This, and much more, can all be done in no time within the xD platform. Analyses, scenario's, thematic maps,... can automatically be added or generated by the xD platform into that same Excel sheet, that same CAD application, that same scheduling tool, or in specific viewer and web-applications.

Our new xD platform not only links 3D/2D CAD data with scheduling tasks into 4D objects, but also opens the window to add an infinite number of attributes (extended data) to these objects.
Building cost, financial information, surface, departments, scheduling, ... and any other imaginable additional information can be attached to these xD objects.

The xD platform is currently highly appreciated by our partner DAE for master studies.

Interested in our concept or solutions? Do not hesitate to contact us: info@domos.be

4D Project in spotlight: GSB Project KLIA, Malysia
This month's project in spotlight is the GSB project by Frank Konings of KLIAPLAN, Malysia:
Turnkey Contract between the Government of Malaysia and Gerbang Perdana Sdn Bhd concerning a railwaystation, custom complex and new road and railway bridges..
Click here to visit the project page.

4D Suite - Educational Licences
Due to the big interest of colleges and University’s all over the world we have expanded our license policy with an educational license. The University of Brescia and Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy both obtained our 4D Suite software under this license policy.
University of Brescia (It.) - CRAI - Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy (Fr.)

Also Eric Grimm and George Elvin of the University of Illinois are using the 4D Suite in there independent study on 4D CAD.

See an overview of all educational partners on our site.

Contact us for more information about our educational license.
For more information: info@domos.be or visit our website: http://www.dstudio.be
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