D-studio innovative IC -Technology for Construction Projects

RABO Bank Utrecht, The Netherlands


New skyscraper building for the Rabo bank Utrecht. Replaces previous and existing buildings.

Client: RABO Bank

Visit the RABO Bank Utrecht Project Space


MORELONDON plot 7, London, United Kingdom

    Extracts Building Magazine, article on 4D modeling and interview with Rob Owen

— Full article: http://www.building.co.uk/story.asp?sectioncode=583&storycode=3098173

Client: Mace, London, UK

Visit the MORELONDON plot 7 Project Space
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xD Move Manager Procos, Antwerp, Belgium

    xD based Software designed to resolve and trace complex moving scenarios. A stand-alone module to maintain and visualize movement processes based upon stacking-blocking schemes.

Contact us more information.

Client: Procos, Antwerp, Belgium


xD Project TvSam, Antwerp, Belgium

    Pilot project Masterplan Antwerp (BE) solving the traffic problems.

Client: TvSam, Antwerp, Belgium

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xD Project Zuidasdok, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Large keyproject in Amsterdam (NL) involving major traffic center (train, bus, tram, HSL), offices, shops, living and public area.

Client: PRC , Bodegraven (NL)
xD Functionality:
   Autocad Raster image as background (Flash 8.0 movie)
Project Output: xD Model, xD Project Movie, xD Zuidas Powerpoint presentation

Visit the Zuidasdok Project Space

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xD Project Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Analysing the different possible scenario's of the renovation and new buildings of the nH Krasnapolsky hotel.
Comparison and analysing in cost, function, realised square metres and availability area during Project construction time.

Client: DAE, Mechelen (BE)
XD Functionality:
   Autocad mapping (Flash 8.0 movie)
   Project Watches (Flash 8.0 movie)
Project Output: Excel and xD Charts, Automatic generated date based dwf files.

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Visualisation Abbey Grimbergen

    Visualisation of the old abbey of Grimbergen (BE)

Client: Vrienden van de abdij

Visit the Grimviz Project Space

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xD Movement Scheduling

    Automatically generate blocking and stacking diagrams based on available data like department, floor, surface,... and of course time

Client: Procos facilities consultants

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xD Movement Browser

    The Viecuri hospital in Venlo (Netherlands) applied D-studio's 4D Browser technology to share the complete process of movements and transformations.
All employees, visitors and the construction team can now see, track and analyze all movement changes in the hospital during the complete project.

Client: Viecuri hospital in Venlo
Partners: PRC

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PICT webbrowser

    PICT - Planning Inclusion of Clients through eTraining
PICT is a transnational project financed in part by the European Commission in the context of Leonardo Da Vinci's Community Vocational Training Action Programme.
For PICT D-studio developed a specific 4D Browser.

Client: PICT Project

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xD Project Management


Our new xD platform not only links 3D/2D CAD data with scheduling tasks into 4D objects, but also opens the window to add an infinite number of attributes (extended data) to these objects.
Building cost, financial information, surface, departments, scheduling, ... and any other imaginable additional information can be attached to these xD objects.

Client: nH Hoteles
Partners: DAE

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Hotel Room Visualisation

    Visualisation and presentation of a hotel sample guestroom.

Client: DAE

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    Usage of the 4D Suite software for the 'turnkey Contract between the Government of Malaysia and Gerbang Perdana Sdn Bhd'.
Adaptation of the existing software to the clients' needs.


Visit the KLIA Project Space

Airport Deurne

    Managing the obstacles for the Deurne Airport ( Antwerp, Belgium ) by the use of an interactive 3D model. A 3D model which has to meet 2 contradictory objectives: real recognition by end-users and sufficient interactivity for the managers.
For the generation, D-studio has developed specific method and tools to combine GIS-data ( different formats) and survey data. The outcome can be used in different formats and environments ( VRML, DWG, GIS,... ).

Client: The Flemish Government

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  4D Suite Educational customers  
University of Brescia, Brescia, Italy
visit the project space (secure)

CRAI, Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy, Nancy, France

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States ( Eric Grimm and George Elvin)

St-Lucas Architectuur Brussel - Gent, Belgium (PICT Partner)

University of Thessaly, Thessaly, Greece (PICT Partner)

Budapest University, Hungary (PICT Partner)

Global Educational Projects
visit the project space (secure)
  Star Informatic, Luik, B  
    Project management for numerous STAR clients
Product management
Integrator STAR solutions
  PIDPA, Antwerpen, B  
    Assessment for CAD operators
Support Star software
  PRC Bouwcentrum, NL  
    Development 4D Suite Prototype
Development versies 1 en 2
Consultancy en specific development
  Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Leefmilieu en infrastructuur, Brugge  
    Implementation workflow Visualization Infrastructure Projects
  Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Leefmilieu en infrastructuur, Antwerpen  
    Implementation workflow Visualization Infrastructure Projects
  Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Leefmilieu en infrastructuur  
    Support on STAR Infra software
  Samyn and Partners, Brussel, B  
D-time tracker

Cosep sa., Namen, B

    4D Suite

Lahon and Partners, Brussel B

    D-time tracker

Eurostation, Bussel, B

    Consultancy CAD-Standards and workflow-management
Star2maya: development
Customisation STAR solutions
Technical CAD Support
  Universitaire Ziekenhuizen Leuven, Leuven, B  
    Consultancy CAD-Standards and workflow-management
Groupware implementation
Customisation CAD solutions

DAE Architecten, Mechelen, B

Specific Development ( groupware, )
  Storme Van Ranst, Antwerpen, B  
  Sicoma, Amsterdam, NL  
Development prototype 4D Suite
  Mark Lauwers Architect, Mechelen, B  
  BBL(ING), Brussels, B  
    Consultancy CAD-Standards and workflowmanagement

Willy Goossens Archtitect, Mechelen, B


Johan Verleye , Architect, Mechelen, B

4D Suite
  Vrienden van de Abdij van Grimbergen, Grimbergen, B  
    Visualization abbey date 1780 in cooperation with Amplify
4D Suite
  KLIA, Kuala Lumpur, M  
    4D Suite
visit the project space
  Ideografico, Lissabon, P  
    4D Suite
D-tech: Star²Maya
  Wenk Sint-Lucas, Gent , B  
    D-tech: development EVA-WEB
  Wenk, Pict onderzoeksproject, B  
    4D Suite
  3DBP, Amsterdam, NL  
Development 4D interface
  Euro Immo STAR, Brussel, B  
    Consultancy and training
  Senior Computer Systems, Amsterdam , NL  
    Consultancy and training
  Reinier De Graaf Ziekenhuizen, Delft, NL  
    Consultancy and training
  Ockenburgh Groep, Amsterdam, NL  
    Consultancy and training
  Regiplan, Amsterdam, NL  
    Consultancy and training
Customization Star solutions
  Sint LukasWerkgemeenschap, Brussel, B  
    Development System

Procos, Antwerpen, B

    Customisation Archibus solution
  STAR Technologies, Luik, B  
    See STAR Informatic
  SISMO, Laarne, B  
    Intelligent design agent: Analysis and feasibility study
  Indirect by DAE Architects, B  
    nH Hoteles, Madrid, S
  Indirect by PRC Bouwcentrum, NL  
    Amsterdam Noord 4D Model
Zaanstad 4D Model
Schiedam 4D Model
Pijnacker 4D Model

Indirect by STAR Informatic

    Numerous STAR clients in Europe
Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Leefmilieu en infrastructuur
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