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  D-projects : MORELONDON plot 7, London, UK
  Project Overview  
    Due for completion in August 2009, More London plot 7 is the final piece of the More London development jigsaw that started with the Greater London Authority building in 1998.

The 660,000ft2 building, designed by Foster + Partners, is surrounded by occupied offices.
To further complicate things, the building will sit over a service tunnel that feeds the whole More London development.
This carries all the utilities to the buildings and is large enough to accommodate articulated delivery lorries.
The service tunnel necessitated incorporating 50-tonne roof trusses, from which part of the building will be suspended
  Project Location  

London, near Thames, opposite of the Tower and nearby Tower Bridge

  Project Objectives  
    Rob Owen, company director of Mace, the construction manager on the scheme, says:
“Traditional construction planning wouldn’t accurately portray the logistical difficulties inherent in the project. This drove us to carry out a virtual construction exercise that sequences the trades and key activities affected by the physical constraints of the site before work starts.”
  xD Virtual Builder added value  
    Because the building was designed in 3D, the components of the model could be broken down to form a kit of parts.
By incorporating the structural design, a virtual assembly list was developed and the assembly process could start. The location of plant, equipment, hoarding, accommodation and access roads were added to the model and they highlighted important issues for health, safety, access and logistics.

The process threw up 10 good ideas that project planners might not otherwise have come up with:

Creation of a temporary service road through the middle of the site to allow enabling works in the service tunnel
Design and construction of a ground slab structure that omitted large chunks to allow access to and from the service tunnel
Design and construction of part of the ground slab to take heavy loadings to create an erection area at the front of the building
Design, procurement and erection of heavy duty tower cranes in order to erect the 50-tonne roof trusses
Delaying the construction of 50,000ft2 of the building to create space in which to build
Construction of the final 50,000ft2 of the building from an adjacent cul-de-sac
Organisation of road closures to enable the installation of roof plant
Special agreements with the landlord for access to the service tunnel for hoisting
Return visits by the concreting team for major slab infills at the furthest point of the site
Sequencing of the construction to allow the phased removal of the tower cranes from the site.
  xD Virtual Builder Functioning  
    ‘Classic’ Virtual Builder xD model using all modules : Builder, Viewer and xD Browser. Morelondon  

Automated powerpoint and movie presentation

Morelondon Powerpoint  
    xD Browser model Only available for Internet Explorer, confirm when asked to install the cortona client Morelondon xD Browser model  

Please consult the whole article on http://www.building.co.uk/story.asp?sectioncode=583&storycode=3098173

Or download this project sheet in PDF

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